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This is a random doodles appreciation post. 

1, 2, 3, 4: These are Mercedes Montgomery (Obviously pony versions there).

5. The design for Nora’s tattoo sleeve and the tattoos on top of her hands.

6. Me in Adventure Time style as a princess of pugs, Princess Pugglesworth.

7. Nora and her brother Jesse (Bro belonging to Flash) as ponies.

8. Flash’s character Blanche, who is unfortunately deceased.

9. Vic’s son Dean.

10. Mercedes and Glacier (Glacier belongs to Flash).

11. The non-existent daughter of two of my friends’ characters, Eyre (Petz/beyondcircumstance) and Khalon (Uwi/skippingboundaries).

12. The aforementioned Eyre and Khalon as pugs.

13. Uwi’s character Darick as a pug.